Prose: Blame – ‘A Reason for why you’re not wrong’ – 07/06/21

I’ll admit it. It’s human nature; I’ve been known to gear my poor decisions, my poor judgements onto others, to events, to differing reasons – blame, blame anyone else but myself, I’ve been there, haven’t you? At these times, couldn’t I have acknowledged that voice I hushed inside that we all occasionally stifle away, desperately want to hide, which wants to scream, “You, you are wrong, surely you can admit it this time?” [...]

Poem: Land of Inbetween – 30/01/21

Overwhelmed, called away from the line of duty, what do I recall? What is there to own as mine? Treasures of memories from a trove. Responsibility must be taken, I can encompass my decisions as a whole, the knowledge that I’m assisting, even in small increments, helping growth. Of course, I cannot change others’ weaknesses, [...]