Prose: Blame – ‘A Reason for why you’re not wrong’ – 07/06/21

I’ll admit it. It’s human nature; I’ve been known to gear my poor decisions, my poor judgements onto others, to events, to differing reasons – blame, blame anyone else but myself, I’ve been there, haven’t you? At these times, couldn’t I have acknowledged that voice I hushed inside that we all occasionally stifle away, desperately want to hide, which wants to scream, “You, you are wrong, surely you can admit it this time?”

But it’s about keeping oneself proud, and not embarrassed or ashamed, so we adamantly decide that the best way, what should be most apparent, is the employment of personal denial, and here we are, set for a rocky ride. What’s important to us in that moment Is the conception of what seems ‘right’, a cover-up, a disguising, a denial of integrity, in the hopes that parlaying responsibility will displace the need for discipline, the requirement to make truth seen not only by others, but revealed and mirrored by themselves, or personally, me!

Blame is the cesspool of human existence, puts irresponsibility on show for the world to see. The day that we decide to forgo blame and commence admitting mistakes and errors, gleaning, revealing responsibility, this is the moment of truthful honesty. When we open ourselves up and stop allowing the negativities of blame to cover and then consume us, this will allow the world to truly see, to witness, our truest nature, human goodness, righteous intentions, and most importantly, integrity.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image from cottonbro on Pexels.

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