Poem: Living Breathing Wooden Girl – 21/09/19

She was pliable; A living, wooden girl.   Whose heart melded so easily with others, Broken umpteen times she’d lost count.   They would troupe, one by one, Contort her into something pleasing enough to view,   Into something malleable, Useful, warranting their attentions, She’d barely need to beckon toward their view.   How her [...]

Poem: The Curiously Hungry Snuffleupa-Gulla-Pallum – 20/09/19

“Why, would you look at this??” I bellowed to no one in particular. For me, a curiously hungry Snuffleupa-Gulla-Pallum, Had happened upon a most delightful scene.   A plentiful shrub, spotted with desirous berries, Seemingly here only for me, Was begging, aching to be taken.   I shoved those berries into my wanting mouth, An [...]

Poem: The Creature in the Red Sneakers – 18/09/19

Aghast was he, an appalled creature was he, because presently he could see, he’d been fitted with horrid red sneakers during his waking dreams. It seemed as though he’d barely zoned out of reality, temporarily, and now here he was encumbered by tight cumbersome footwear upon his fine delicate feet. Greatly unamused was he! He [...]