Poem: Our Broken World – 21/09/19

 She came from afar,
many generations ahead,
many light years away.
Her eyes saddened beyond belief,
because of what she was sent to witness,
but couldn’t, didn’t have the ability to save.
She was a wandering explorer of the galaxy,
sent to worlds of dystopian views,
Burning balls of gas,
reigning down with future fire,
as the worlds exploded with their blooming ire.
And it had come time for her to visit our world,
we were raping the land and pillaging it,
taking advantage and control,
Without a sense of worldly adherence,
to the generous earth that had had enough,
Of our selfish methods to use its resources,
without a sense of future responsibility to be known.  
This solemn being inspected the result of
our greedy hands,
Observed the damage we’d permitted to occur on our giving land,
our method of spreading our uncaring concern;
a human-specific disease.

She shook with dismay at the town raining down with black snowflakes,
at the Amazon forests being burnt like witches at the stake.
At our water, droughts coming and remaining rather than going,
soon a lack of fresh drinking water,
A sin for our survival,
a definite detriment to our health ongoing.
This saddened explorer couldn’t take anymore,
couldn’t view for much longer,
She felt the heat rising on the worldly barometer.
How could it have to come to this?
she wondered helplessly to herself.
This world, this turning planet,
could have survived for many more decades,
Had the humans taken care,
not just thought for and about themselves.
Yet now they are presented,
with the real possibility of decimation,
a ball of burning gaseous mass of obliteration,
Becoming inundated with despair and dismay,
they’ll have to work mighty hard to make their land last.
And with that she flitted away many lifetimes,
to report on the health of the world,
Unfortunately for some,
the bleak vision may not be able to be overcome.  

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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