Poem: The Curiously Hungry Snuffleupa-Gulla-Pallum – 20/09/19

 “Why, would you look at this??” I bellowed to no one in particular. 
For me, a curiously hungry Snuffleupa-Gulla-Pallum,
Had happened upon a most delightful scene.
A plentiful shrub, spotted with desirous berries,
Seemingly here only for me,
Was begging, aching to be taken.
I shoved those berries into my wanting mouth,
An eager pawful at a time,
Dripping streams of sticky, sickly berry-wine.
But how the juice became thickened,
Tacky, firmer to the touch,
Until my mouth was simply tightly fused together,
The jaw held firmly, unbreakable with any well-intended touch.
How I wailed internally at my situation,
These deathly berries had betrayed me,
Lured me in with their filthy lies and deceit!
“It’s time for punishment,” I thought to myself,
As I hacked, hacked, swiped and slashed,
At the discourteous ill meaning shrub.
Lying in pieces,
Branches aside, flung forward and back,
I grinned at my great decisiveness.
Now onto fixing myself,
I ran home, opened my medicine cabinet,
And generously applied acetone to my mouth tight as a vice.
Freedom was nice,
But the knowledge I’d destroyed the evil bush was even better,
It would never cause any other an ill time,
And for this we can rejoice all together.

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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