Poem: Running From Dusk Until Dawn: Stuck in a Year I Was Never Meant to Own – 21/10/19

From dusk to dawn I thought of you, Obsessed, my mind ran through moments lacking your truths. Where passions were high and my fingers danced their little tunes, I begged, beseeched for you to listen To my heart My beating For you so true.   I yearned for your presence But you would not allow [...]

Poem: Adorn Thy Clause: An Acerbic Recollection of 2015 – 20/10/19

‘Adorn thy clause, irreverently yours’, You once held my yearning heart for ransom.   I spoke the loving words you never spoke, As my heart held open doors, Now they’re firmly closed,No in-and-out fairies a-prancing.   Many times, I proclaimed my ardour for you With brightened smiles and flowery poetry, But the wool was pulled [...]