Story: Wide-Eyed Elven Pixie – 20/10/19

There was once a wide-eyed elven pixie. Let’s call her Hannah. Beneath the surface of something great, there lurked Hannah’s terror. Because underneath the façade of her perfectly manicured life, in the forest there dwelled something – a horror! – that would and could cause her much strife.

Hannah was an unlikely host to this being which attached itself to the one it fancied the most. This creature was shudder-inducing, this creature caused others to weep and wail, because this creature was abhorrently unpleasant and stank to high hell.

Upon Hannah’s back this creature was firmly attached, sucking, sucking the life from her. Because like a leech it drank from its victims, feeding more and more, this was the creature’s system.

The creature, Norbert, was a cruel thing to behold; he only thought of himself and how he could benefit from another’s pain and suffering twofold. He was selfish, uncaring, and manipulative as he rode on his host’s backs, and Hannah was suffering greatly from his presence, I cannot say anything less than that.

Oh, how she tried to remove Norbert, with a thick stick to poke and slide against his gooey form. Oh, how she grabbed at the awkward place he was situated, and tried to pull him off her aching back. And oh, how she managed to shift him just a little, with a shriek and a squeal Norbert know his days were likely limited.

Then Hannah had a wondrous idea! She leaned against a rough tree trunk. Holding the wood either side, hands behind her hips, she grated her vile pest against the surface’s bumps.

“Nooooooo!” Norbert wailed as he came away in pieces, like the innards of a bag of shredded three-cheese mix for Pizza night’s meal. Soon only the suckers with their strong suction remained, her lower back felt much better, perfectly lighter all the same. The pieces of Norbert tried to reform themselves into their former being of parasitic venom, but they would not be permitted, because Hannah decided to quickly eat the lot of them.  

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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