Poem: Adorn Thy Clause: An Acerbic Recollection of 2015 – 20/10/19

 ‘Adorn thy clause, irreverently yours’, 
You once held my yearning heart for ransom.
I spoke the loving words you never spoke,
As my heart held open doors,
Now they’re firmly closed,
No in-and-out fairies a-prancing.
Many times, I proclaimed my ardour for you
With brightened smiles and flowery poetry,
But the wool was pulled over my eyes,
And now it’s time to share the story.  
Had you not made me walk your path
Where I experienced your sheer manipulation
And audacity
I might have never found my true love and known
How I deserved to be treated by another,
Decently, respectfully, properly.

The juxtaposition between my present love
And your lying proclamations was a comparative
Level of suffering.

You should not have been allowed to
Remain in my life for that long
The fact you had is strangely amazing.
Oh, call the lyrebirds,
And the peacocks with their brightened plumes!
That evening when we first properly spent time together,
We had our first emotional encounter in that starched white room.
But as likely with all your romances,
You caused this to become pear shaped,
You blasted away any sense of responsibility
You took my hard work, honour, and generosity
For granted each and every day.
Your behaviour should have been wiped away.
I didn’t need something or someone like this in my life,
I’m actually glad that you pulled yourself away,
Excised me from my strife,
For I had better things to write of, feel and say,
I was worthy of the then-unwanted freedom you cast my way.
And for months I was required to heal,
My mental health wrecked and ravaged,
I speak for myself, as I speak for all,
We are not all left that damaged.
So, I adorn my clause,
To you I present not even as irreverently yours,
Not even sincere in the slightest.
But because of you, and how you make me felt,
Like dirt smooshed into the ground,
I realise and know that I deserve behaviour
Only of the finest merit.

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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