Poem: Floating – 22/12/19

Here I float, in this ether of dreamy fluffiness, in this air of pillowy indefiniteness,   where I am swimming, arm over arm I transport my body, less than willing from the beginning, where did it start? it’s all so blurry.   The billowing surroundings breathe around my form as though they are carefully brushing, [...]

Poem: Dead Stares – 18/12/19

Instagram: @alicewellart Dead eyes stare beyond the fronds, dead dead dead. Their pupils are like empty saucers, entrances into another vacuous underworld.    Knock knock on their doors, your fist will rap, triple tap, tap, tap, the entrances somehow welcome us, they gather our motivations somehow.   Hear the lashes rustling as eyelids mechanically blink, [...]