Poem: Lollipop Girl – 19/12/19

 She’s a lollipop,
 worth a dime, 
 that sticky sweet treat.
 Delicious to unwrap,
 what a delight, 
 open her while you wear that great smile,
 I snatch her from you,
 I want to make her mine.
 Her head’s engorged,
 but, isn’t that the point?
 Her body and arms twiglike,
 where are her curves?
 And oh my, 
 where is her wrapper?
 She’s displeased at her state of undress. 
 But she’s presented beneath the lights,
 Star lights?
 Show lights, 
 a melting aura emanating 
 from her sticky outer.
 Lollipop girl, lollipop girl,
 you yearned to show yourself,
 now melt beneath these 
 precious lights,
 which you called upon yourself. 
 © 2019 Lauren M. Hancock 
also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.   

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