Poem: Floating – 22/12/19

 Here I float,
 in this ether of dreamy fluffiness,
 in this air of pillowy indefiniteness, 
 where I am swimming,
 arm over arm I transport 
 my body, less than willing
 from the beginning, 
 where did it start?
 it’s all so blurry.
 The billowing surroundings breathe 
 around my form
 as though they are carefully 
 brushing, pressing, enveloping me
 to create a sense of protection
 to be truly brought forth.
 And now I decide to ascend, 
 into a reality that’s perfection for this 
 aching corporal form itself.
 Allow me to float higher,
 allow me to rise so freely,
 permit me the sanctions of allowance
 to wipe away past human sins.
 The freedom of moral purging
 expunges the inner darkness
 of its deepest historical seeds,
 and the effect of cleansing 
 it duly permits
 can be endlessly felt and seen.
 I am a rising spirit,
 an ethereal being
 now free of earthly sin.

 Watch as I become at one with
 earth and air,
 I am now purely immaterial,
 I am no one,
 of my former self,
 there's nothing there.
 © 2019 Lauren M. Hancock 
also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved. 


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