Poem: Down My Spine – 02/05/20

Chills and shivers run down my spine,
how on earth am I meant to make
this situation mine?
I carefully unstitch the woven seams
that make myself me,
and exalt,
rejoice at viewing that which is
the material of my dreams.
I witness here,
I make my point
of sharing what I view,
my insides are terribly bright
and are filled with feelings,
deep, emanating emotions true. 
I have not always been the most vocal
at expressing my feelings and aspirations,
repressed though they were
I felt they were meant to be hushed,
for I was far too shy,
to explain what I experienced
or what it was I wanted
or quite possibly needed.
Now to wrangle this situation
to expel my negative notions,
to announce to the world how I feel,
to know the freedom of
being both light and airy,
and boisterous,
a heavy feather-like nature imbued.
Though there is no requirement for me to split,
to divulge,
to expound,
to share my extended feelings,
I know if I do not
and I am dishonest with myself
what could eventuate is
the deterioration of my internal self.
And I cannot have this occur,
not after a true revelation of my being,
I cannot have this,
my feelings they must swell,
they must be visible,
be willingly seen,
then after being acknowledged,
and noted for being present,
fly away
they will,
completely begone,
the truest joy was in revealing their existence.   

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by Alexandra Haynak from Pixabay

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