The rise : today – 12/01/22

my heart, oh my heart,

it fills my mouth spills onto my chest

a plethora of liquid love well blessed

because I expelled those demons

those pains those sufferings

those feeling of inadequacy

of needing to be noticed

and appreciated by

the lot of them

I don’t need to be understood any longer

I don’t need to be wise enough to be taken with

another’s flow

I can co-exist and breathe for god knows how long, alone,

and one day perhaps true love I’ll know

but I don’t yearn for it call for it

beg for it every second every hour

back then

time was cheap

worth but a dime

and sailing through those wretched hours I did not

enjoy myself,

oh how I pined,

my rejected being often soured.

but now, now dear one listen to my strong deep

pulsating sentiment

grasp my pounding heart in your palms

feel the heavenly treasure within

I can see you catch your breath

at acknowledging now

not visually me but how strong I can permanently internally


I am useful I am present

I am here and now

reality is spilling forth

I feel the correct rightful temperament.

love will come in many forms

it always has, always will,

and I, here I take that swill

a fill of luscious liquid

here’s the drill

I am satiating myself not with food

but with cool calming water of wise knowledge and


life is perfection

but with another?

perhaps there’s the time I will know soon enough,

vibrancy with theirs, is what may be experienced,

a piece of heaven truly sent..


Copyright © 2022 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.


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