Poem: From My Pen – 20/05/20

The brightness of the page,
glaring in my eyes,
a plain lined sheet,
a hopeful scene,
a winking extreme.
The sun shines down,
beats down its warm caress,
my pen drags along heated paper,
pen from pen to pen.
The etchings are made,
the heavy handedness
of my lyrics are forthcoming,
and I sit here creating,
will I write on and on?
When will the process be done?
I’m left here wondering.
Will I make any sense of my thoughts this afternoon?
Or will it all be a jumble,
words, metaphors, en masse,
convoluted, strange, peculiar tunes?
I hope to arrange these floating thoughts
into a succinct yet decidedly descriptive view,
because this glaring white
it damages my eyes,
it must be tamed,
curl by curl,
handwritten swell by swell.
And I know,
I know,
that sometimes words may not
be worthy enough to share,
but isn’t the process,
even if failure,
worth something?
Reveal my notebook, shall I dare?
To ride softly along the waves
of successful arrangements,
or descriptors that weren’t so smooth,
the opportunity to correct,
or absorb slight triumphs
are abilities which are highly toward.
So, I continue to remain,
paper and pen,
thoughts feeding from my mind,
my being,
nourished and saved,
and I enjoy the warm basking
that my page has accepted,
no longer does it stare back at me,
but now softly,
it has been decorated,
I drag my fingertips carefully over the raised letters
upon the page
from my heart through my pen,
technicalities saved.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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