Poem: Too Much Time – 02/07/20

I’ve too much time on my hands. For some, this would be paradise, but for me, it’s a continual, rising obsession of poetry and revisions filling my mind.   I can spend hours and hours retouching a word, retouching another phrase, here and there, rephrasing this and rewording that, the stresses of syllables hold great [...]

Poem: Paper-Thin – 02/07/20

Some may view me as mechanically sound, for I smile quite naturally and talk with a lilting, confident tone. My words are humorous, relaxed, and 'well', they don’t know what’s hiding inside, the astringent sadness, she overwhelms.   Internally, I feel stretched, as though a punishing thin layer has been made out of me, a [...]

Poem: Beneath My Layers – 01/07/20

Sometimes, occasionally, I feel like I’m coming back to life.   When the outer layers peel down and around me, revealing the scintillating softness inside.   So curious am I to view and feel and touch this part of my identity, where I am completely vulnerable and wholesome and completely, utterly me.   This nature [...]

Poem: I Cherish – 01/07/20

I cherish: the wind whipping about my hair, the still-bitter taste of sweetened coffee – it reminds me life’s not always sweet. The taste of crunchy cereal in the evenings, the gentle tap-tapping of conscientiously-used computer keys.   The welcome inertia of remaining in bed long after a nap, the loving words spoken to me, [...]