Poem: Lovesick – 30/07/20

Lovesick… he yearns for you, he apparently cannot live without you.   Darling, can’t you tell, won’t you comprehend, he much he needs you? This is not a truth which can be bent.   But, my sweetheart, why does he need you? Where is he calling from – low, high, the hay, but my precious, [...]

Poem: Relocation – 30/07/20

Sometimes it’s positive to relocate, a subtle change of scene, a change of pace, being stagnant, stuck in the same room, same world for so long, it can drive me around the bend, four walls enclosing on me because   they can do so with the slipperiest of ease, despite my view from above, the [...]

Poem: Already Departed – 27/07/20

I am sick to death of this draining, this haunted state of false reverie where I’m lulled into a state of dumbfound and airiness, because the flow, it has ceased, as I know it to be.   Beautiful melodies once soared from my throat, from my lips, blustering blight, I’m not at all pardoned, from [...]

Poem: Flawless? – 27/07/20

Flawless, how can I feel flawless when beneath the spotted mirror my reflection barely lurks? Flawless, how can I feel perfect when my heart is blotchy like Grandma’s inky, moody pearls?   A broken smile, a set of hounded eyes reflect back at me, finding a perfect circumstance? Tell me this: does perfection truly exist? [...]