Poem: Flawless? – 27/07/20

Flawless, how can I feel flawless
when beneath the spotted mirror my reflection barely lurks?
Flawless, how can I feel perfect
when my heart is blotchy like Grandma’s inky, moody pearls?
A broken smile, a set of hounded eyes reflect back at me,
finding a perfect circumstance?
Tell me this: does perfection truly exist?
I wish someone would answer me this.
The tug of war, the push and pull,
the night and day is cast,
to find myself,
within myself,
perfection will not outlast.
I treasure me, I wish to be free,
of my selfish expectations,
which seem never to quietly pass,
I call and call into the mirror for myself,
but nothing surfaces, truly I am lost.
Meanwhile, you don’t strive for flawlessness,
you embrace subtle cracks, your broken is your triumphant wholeness,
from lost lands, from hell you’ve been,
and back again; sights, minds, and feelings sometimes unseemly -
you toss and turn,
can’t cease your thinking,
the power of that on/off switch is wide-eyed and blinking.
I do not know why, but collided worlds,
frozen time,
hands at opposite ends of a spectrum,
I delve into lost moments which presently arrive,
this time is no longer only mine.
Words coagulate in Chemistry’s positions,
bewitched, enchanting?
flawless, so it seems?  
And in the mirror, I now aim to find
you stitched together almost,
almost flawlessly,
though I’ll need to buff the reflection,
because it’s time to fall into it,
allow a shadowy presence to return and brighten,
rise to his worldly heaven,
to reign over his own kingdom,
won’t he permit his return to rightful power?

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Thiago Matos from Pexels

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