Poem: Soaring Wings – 23/07/20

We spread our wings each time we share, we spread ourselves feather-tip to feather-tip, we open ourselves up, we tweet, we sing, with soaring pitches, we dare.   We allow insight into our hearts and minds, our light that’s dimmed we make bright, to smile unto another’s confused face, and make them feel utterly compelled [...]

Poem: Paradise – 21/07/20

Paradise, paradise, it’s where seekers go to roam, to find themselves away from the lost, the broken, seeking something personal, true gold.   Paradise is where they visit, to take turns riding in gondolas bobbing up and down, upon canals of flowing freedom, no longer lost, but found.   Paradise is where lurks the hopeful, [...]

Poem: Projection – 20/07/20

You say it’s not right, that you’ve left an untidy impression, you didn’t need to leave that lingering taste upon her lips, here is your apprehension.  You say you've projected yourself far more than you desire yourself to be viewed but how to disentangle yourself from this resultant unhealthy view? Would you allow yourself the [...]

Poem: A Faulty Memory – 19/07/20

How to explain away an error when my intention was not cruel? How to apologise when my memory’s retention simply wasn’t running so smooth? How to insist I didn’t mean any offence when the point made was that I just didn’t understand? Honest and truthful, and by my own, not another’s devices, I feel one true lacking of mine has been brought to hand. I want to explain away the memory slip, that simply because I didn’t understand, that because I did not recall, doesn’t mean that I don't appreciate his work and this witty man,