Poem: Broken Heart Syndrome – Text and Spoken Word -17/07/20

Audio: Broken Heart Syndrome
Author's Note:
The Australian state in which I live is currently in its second stage of Stage 3 lockdown due to soaring daily cases of COVID-19 infections. Stage 4 restrictions appear to be looming. As one can imagine, the isolation and change of lifestyle is mentally taking a toll on a lot of us.

Alas! My heart is breaking,
for calm, it is calling,
for normalcy, it shrieks,
for peace, my aches do not heed.
Undone! is my control,
myself as marionette seems not to
be letting down,
Lockdown, Second Round,
is playing tricks on my mind, on all of ourselves.
Life as we know it has shattered,
we must ride out this infection,
how to combat and avoid something
so unseen and sinister?
I cry!
Tears seep from the corners of my eyes.
Will we become entirely undone
by an invisible fiend
which lurks and rides in places we can
but cannot see?

2.0 is here for us,
and we are living through it,
not knowing whom next will be affected,
the ignorant laugh and socialise en masse,
and say, Not us!
Not them, indeed?
My heart is breaking,
What have we done?
Some leave their house with symptoms,
thinking we’ll all be fine,
that this illness is not that contagious,
yet one step into the public’s eyes
and exposure is a risk,
some flaunt their 'right' to unnecessarily shop,
to browse,
some fail to properly think.
My broken heart syndrome
overwhelms me now,
everything is too much
to cope with,
isolation has its pitfalls,
left to quietly think at length inside this room,
dysfunctional is the life within my chest,
combating me is emotional stress,
in the beginning I thought I’d get through this,
I thought I knew best…
I hope things improve soon.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by Виктория Бородинова from Pixabay

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