Prose: Strong – 24/09/21

Sometimes we need to step back and take scope of what will work for us and won’t.
What boundaries we need to set, what levels can be achieved, what is ‘yes’ for us, and ‘no, just don’t’.
I guess it comes with being older, and stronger and more confident in oneself, because in years past, we may have been weaker perhaps in resolve, and bending to pressure seemed the only way to cope.

It takes maturity to stand one’s ground and tell another that ‘I will or won’t’, and not be swayed by expectation, or the fear of some social construct becoming an annihilation, if you don’t conform to wills and wants. Sometimes it’s wiser to bear the brunt. Stand your ground. And listen to the anger, or the frustrations that may snow us under, if only for the experience, the personal pleasure, of knowing that you are holding your resolve together, that doing so means you have become something more, resolute, and have spoken your truths. Engagement is laid into place, paving the way for more adult discussion, not childish coercion, like times that may have gone –  unlike during those occasions, you have learned, you are learning, to right the old efforts into sometime more wrought, more rung. More like you. Strong.   
Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
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