Poem: Perhaps I’ll Change – 06/10/21

Ordinarily, I’d change for the better, like I know I should. Glancing into a reflection, puddle, stigmatised mud, confounded, when shall I continue truthfully and good? I know, as I stare at myself that changes are to occur more often than not, but how hard will it be for us to move forward if certain thoughts cannot be wrought, or refashioned – remembering? I’d rather not.

Poem: Tepid – 01/10/21

I remember when life was tepid, unenthusiastic, carried little warmth, I remember being feeling disconnected from the world in and of itself, that I was a victim of many circumstances, not one, that others were targeting me, I was unlucky or such or some, I remember feeling different, that I was never accepted that much, never right, never really enough. [...]