Poem: Ignoring the Noises – 04/10/21

Ignoring the noises all around isn’t so difficult
when you pair yourself with courage,
join with action,
intensify intelligence,
tell yourself that people who whistle and wheeze
with their insulting methods are just a useless blustering breeze,
worth nothing such words are,
I watch them flow from afar,
in various means, in various tones,
disguised in pink and blue undertones,
rainbow-like? They’ll never be heard as such,
for thoughtless fervour is not worth celebration,
I will carry on with pure intent and escape the
ominous, childish tunes.
The sing-song calls, the manipulatory sounds,
angered me greatly, made me squirm all around,
but now, my head is held high,
I cannot hear a thing,
I tune out the rubbish, their notions that they believe they’re entitled to
It’s easy enough to hide behind a screen, create attacks,
little barbs, with tap-tapped words,
I ignore these noises, I’ve better things to achieve,
that making certain that the only task is for breathless whispers to leave.

Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
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