Poem: jawbreaker – 26/11/21

taken apart with blade and box gloves
reshaped rewired
rehoused re-homed
re re re,
remove that disgusting request
from my sweet skin
I cannot bear the crawling sensation
of expectation and desire
rule over me like a beckoning hungry fire
I know I should walk away
but where to, at this hour?

it’s unsafe to leave this pantomime
the darkness it shrouds it reverses
not animates
just a broken jaw
housing that candy I reached for
too much too much
to adore?
do not love me for who I am within,
no, that’s not the done thing anymore,
at least, I’ll become more of what you want
if I wanted you, I’d not show the door.

yet there it is.
shove control out the framework
I won’t change unless it benefits my health
I’ve worked so hard,
and now, now?
I’ll undo you if you try to treat me like
a pawn.
Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

Photo by Rafael Rex Felisilda on Unsplash

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