Poem: keys – 23/12/21

Photo by George Becker on Pexels.com

the blueprint of my life thus mapped
formerly detailed and bent,
corrected straightened
light peaceful direct,
and pointed, poignant, heaven sent….

I don’t digress, live for moments
for the poetess within now turns to justice
I smile so widely and beam politely
knowing that the blueprint is fine and dandy
there’s no need for alterations
no locks changed ill-communications
the potion, portion, nay, patent is right, decidedly,
traversing false justifications.

who needs instructions ‘bout operation
not a bent cupid’s doll to be explored nor teased
there are no answers only keys
keys upon my pristine skin,
for in my skin this hope be in,
within a rose oh, how I know
unravelling some delightful prose
irreverent reverence ultimately knows,
I’ll feel the fierce scent of acidity flood my soul,
intoxicating insignias wafting to my nose.

there’s no danger any longer
could not give a damn ‘bout spiteful strangers
some negative others naysaying behind straightened hands
I am pure I am truth I am goodness
won’t you ask any chosen man?

I speak from the heart
dedicate my words through and through
look to my spirit
it shines with rugged proof
that there is room for progress
I’ve redesigned the blueprint
there’s nothing dangerous, ill-fated nor elementary
to it.
so unravel their hints
their cloying intent
I don’t mind being spoken of,
but I’d rather productivity, time well spent,
no true inclination behind unkind cruelty
whilst alongside mint green karma flows with ease   

toward the heart the force of life
tattooed key
home chakra
bursts with ease.
Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

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