Published on ‘Sad Girls Club Literary Blog’ – ‘Resonating Flautando’ – 21/02/22

Today I have been published on Sad Girls Club with my piece ‘Resonating Flautando’. Thank you so much to Sarah and the rest of the editorial team for this honour. Please find the beginning of my poem below and click to continue reading at their website.

My work can also be found at @laurenm.hancock on Instagram where I post my art and words. Having recently undergone some serious mental health issues, my work on Insta is not representative of the whole of myself, however, thank you for visiting if you choose to, nonetheless.

resounding flautando

I’ve been becoming more
the more I realise I don’t need to
store those
angsty jealous feelings
there’s so much in store in life
if I control their lack of desire
lack of fire
lack of attraction
so much inaction
and I find, I find that there’s no need
for me to hide the precious parts of
me to flautando over that fingerboard so
softly spoken

continue reading here…

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