Poetic response: a flowering beauty – 04/03/22

I explored @artsinmaroondah exhibition at Maroondah Federation Estate today and found this beautiful piece, “Poise and Pride”. Here is my poetic response to the talented, beautiful, and wonderful soul, Hsin Lin’s, “Poise and Pride” @helloinnerpeace.

“a flowering beauty”
(c) 2022 Lauren M. Hancock

luxe curls cascade
waves frame luminous face
the blooms they blossom unto her,
grace, reverent, safe,
strong heart, more,

her poise, pride and passion,
delicate petals at her angelic core,
she was born with trust to capture, listen
no mauves to be seen near or far.

only cyan blues and fuchsia tips and
rich light bright living greens
a yellowing spontaneity
drip drab, no, drops of reverent expression
there, ‘tween.
so hear, so hark, so listen, envision,
her pristine soul to be seen.
(c) 2022 Lauren M. Hancock.

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