poem: by the beach – 11/04/22

sandboxes bright upon the beach
giggling, smiles, familial scenes,
couples, weft hands,
bended knee, man before woman,
licking waves and swells,
water laps around exposed ankles
cooling, relaxing, please;
heart-warming need,
and true innocence as children mischievously
construct castles with turrets of obliging sand.
A day by the beach, various meanings to see
praise of the beautiful moments
that exists within for them, you, me,
handfuls of cheeky, sloppy ammunition,
wet cement of sea-grains
trailing jellyfish supervise the
lapping water,
apparently tame, tame.
Warnings from Mother and Father,
“Children, come in from the water,
Play upon sand alone,
the jellyfish may view you as treasures
they cannot leave alone!”
Lovers joined now,
hands be-speckled with aquamarine or diamond glistens,
pounding beats, love will surely listen
to the tales echoing throughout their very systems.
A day by the beach,
fortuitous or enjoyable for many and all,
relax within the breeze,
seascape scents rising
relaxation and love entwining,
special times, always a need.

© 2022 Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose. All rights reserved.   
Image from Pixabay.

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