Poem: Refreshing Confidence – 09/02/21

Refreshing is the scent of confidence, I see you breathe it in like a cure, it repairs and it adjusts you with love, the acceptance of yourself, with blessings from up above. Do not worry about whether the points of your life, the details, will all fit together, because within, you’ve grown far stronger, there is no more space for anyone but you, [...]

Poem: You Did The Saving – 12/10/20

Be unique, yourself, never try to fit in for the sake of being like everyone else, embrace that love and care you now have for yourself within, it’s hard earned – I know this is truth, all those years struggling to be more than you believed you could be, listening to that catastrophic, negative, self-talking din eating your mind through [...]

Poem: Sensing – 16/02/20

Like worms in the ground we can slide through life blindly, only sensing, never seeing what’s right before us. And as though it’s magic, our touch and sense of smell are heightened, guiding us through the rough, the damp welcoming soil.   Like the understanding that somehow we must place our trust in that which [...]