Poetry: The Farthest Light Away – 14/11/19

She glows from within. Her thoughtful, ponderous eyes focus on that which is unfocused, the worldly others farther away, further, further, but of the complexities they hold, she projects them from her sense of being, internally of them she is freeing.

Her connection with the light may not make any sense to others, those observers, those outsiders, but she does not need to prove, nor feel a need to speak of her faith in the light above. She is guided by the unfocused worldly others, dragged forth, her eyes grasping, caressing their views, as she allows them to rest within her being, to sink gently inside.

To wholly accept the notion of something that cannot be entirely shown but can be existentially felt either shows a brave blind trust or something special entrusted to us. Because our viewing of her faith, so fair and knowledgeable without having a presence behind it at all is something of great circumstance, this day, this night, never will her faith fall.

She trusts the light, the beings within her adoring eyes, the scene before her that no one, nothing, can take away from. She is special in her acceptance, the light means more to her than to those who nay-say about her beliefs, and incomplete to complete has her life become because of her ability to dare to dream and believe.

© 2019 Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.   

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