Poem: Sensing – 16/02/20

Like worms in the ground we can slide through life blindly,
only sensing, never seeing what’s right before us.
And as though it’s magic, our touch and sense of smell
are heightened, guiding us through the rough,
the damp welcoming soil.
Like the understanding that somehow we must place
our trust in that which we cannot completely, wholly trust,
because while seeing is believing, how are touch or smell enough as
indicators to ensure that we are on the right path?
Perhaps we need another guider,
to lead us into the way of the righteous,
because, as the exploring worm will understand,
sometimes it can lead itself astray.
Picture after a fresh summer’s rain the amount of worms
capsized upon the pavement,
miles away from comfort, from the land they know,
they’re crawling, they’re wriggling,
set to cook and die in the sun.
Perhaps someone kind will rescue them all,
but that’s unlikely,
they led themselves there, searching for a new land so incorrect
that their demise has been promised all along.
But we are not entirely like these blind, hopeful beings,
we have the capacity, to intelligibly think, analyse, surmise,
and here we understand that while living blindly,
with a sense of waywardness about us
is something to commend,
it’s also a method rather risky,
and maybe something of which maybe not to contend.
© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Racheal Lomas on Unsplash

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