Spoken Word and Poem: over – 28/11/21

excited parallel universe where our motives selfishly meant were never truly met but in our beings we felt those irrevocable dents start to mend or were they beginning to spread? hard to decipher, the sensations felt young crushes soft passions gentle touches flushed complexions rough grabs forced giggles becoming something I didn’t want to acknowledge to please to be to allow him to feel to see “me” being right for him

Poem: Wisdom Gleaned (09/10/21) – 28/11/21

Author's note: Sometimes I like to look back at my drafts and see what was on my mind months prior, and how I constructed these realities into rhymes and words to soothe myself, express anger, frustration, upsets, or some such. This piece I feel still has some of these truths ringing in my current reality. Hence, I thought I would share it with you here today.

Poem: the owls – 27/11/21

the owls, the owlsthey tiptoe along the wiresharing songs and stories,eons of lifetimes togetherfervent hoots and warblesaltogetherimpressive wingspans as they envelopthe biting morning air togetherhush down little preyscatter as you mayall words, no prey, no victimsbut treated with such tendernessowls caress the vowels and syllableswithout damnationwith much great proofof ultimate, irreverentatypical swayyythrough and throughplucked from [...]