poem: breath of the wild – 14/05/22

breath of the wildintuitive is the meansin which life should be ledupheaval can distend tightened seamsand there is a certain understandingthat change can’t displaceone’s destinybut time, oh, my innocence,will neither aggravate nor alterFate’s true intensity. bulging at the middlea curious heapin the middle there’s an achingsomething wants to be seenit’s the beginnings of eye-watering trutha [...]

micropoetry: process – 01/04/22

speaking a language, in tongues befitting adark dagger-like crown,with a purity hidden deep within auric angelitesurrounding anaemic complexions withtruths damned-well-tolds,a peeking into the gloom of their dastardly hidden rooms,roam, oh how I will roam in lairs of darkness,invitations extending to no luminescent process,luminal passageways to their hearts,navigation with most careful of prowess. © 2022 Lauren [...]

poem: cherished – 28/03/22

the magic of the Universe callsspiral patterns curlreminding us of grandma,mother and childthe lush serene natureof breathglows from Gaia’s glorious eyesenlivened spiritsexploring elvesglittering sprightly sprites.I am amazed by the clouded blue before meabove rainbows threaten to fallmagnificent oceans,raging and still, waitingfor the next wet treasure fromNature’s dripping eyesa blessing unto the animalsforest dwellersand rainforest homesdeserts [...]