poem: a sunrise of theories – 15/05/22

a sunrise of theories
I walk a path surrounded by foliage
shrubbery lines the endless mileage
and encounter do I some things grand and fantastic
many questions now come from this querent
bold and bombastic

flowers filled with fragrance
bow their heads to my queries
I suddenly have, about life
all these convoluted theories
about what causes this
or leads on from such and that
these riddles take myself
away from fiction versus facts

my eyes search the skies
scintillating and scarlet
this sunrise or sunset
whatever, whichever, which,
I will choose to have it
for before the beauty of the sun
once dormant now exhilarating
and so young
I can settle my thoughts
quietly, meditatively
little need for thoughts to hesitate or run.
© Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose. All rights reserved.
Images from Pixabay

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