poem: love and wanderlust – 27/04/22

Angelic breeze tickles my nose
the serenity and beauty of what I know
Nothing is more perfect than the moment of now
Embracing this fact
Intuitively is how

Wandering in the scope of the breathless view
amazing is the habit, admiringly renewed
understanding the intent,
why, Beauty, there’s a sum,
a knowing, sheer growing,
correcting a heart which had grown numb.

Florid complexion, blushed cheeks above a smile,
a knowing and wanting, a potential for more
than a while,
a wonderful aching and warmth deep within,
gravitating moments,
careful, step, step, don’t fall into the
false world you’re presented with.

Fluidity, potpourri, scented, a flurry,
Reaching, a nearing, subtle, no need for fearing,
a universal tying of intent we know as Hope,
gravelly words, precisely uttered,
it is then that I will know.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose
Photo from Pixabay

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