Poem: Perhaps I’ll Change – 06/10/21

Ordinarily, I’d change for the better, like I know I should. Glancing into a reflection, puddle, stigmatised mud, confounded, when shall I continue truthfully and good? I know, as I stare at myself that changes are to occur more often than not, but how hard will it be for us to move forward if certain thoughts cannot be wrought, or refashioned – remembering? I’d rather not.

Poem: Honestly – 11/09/20

Honestly, where is the truth within that I’m trying to seek? The impermanence of self-esteem to be built up, energetically tremulous then monumental but still humbling when it’s finally seen. The lacking of needing the approval or presence of those I’ve come to depend on, because the truth is, for personal growth I must move forth, look forward. [...]