Poem: Honestly – 11/09/20

Honestly, where is the truth within
that I’m trying to seek?
The impermanence of self-esteem to be
built up, energetically tremulous
then monumental but still humbling when it’s finally seen.

The lacking of needing the approval or
presence of those I’ve come to depend on,
because the truth is, for personal growth
I must move forth, look forward.

No sense of desertion,
but a personal strengthening that allows
a sense of self to be visible,
not resisting the ability to think,
to make a promise to myself that I must trust
not only what I see,
but what can flow within the stream of consciousness
and lead into the flowing sea.

I don’t know exactly what it is I seek,
but perhaps a sense of serenity that allows me to
feel I’m living my dreams,
a wonderful step forward that there is set to take,
a promise to myself
that I am willing to make.

To be the missing piece of someone’s puzzle
is to first be strong in yourself,
and I don’t want to be a pain,
or depend upon anyone else.

I want to fulfill my quest,
I thought love was the only thing I sought,
I’d cast aside so many other dreams and yet,
I am back,
I am here,
and I will become stronger,
achieve my dreams,
I will reach them, there is nothing to fear.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Laura Vinck on Unsplash

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