Poem: Fields of Colour – 02/01/21

Ink and colours swirl and fly, admirably they meld into the other, watch our joy multiply. There’s not a moment too soon when we can reach into the stars, colours, outlines, so fantastical, we can hardly believe them ours. I know that these hues and shades might not be here forever, but I appreciate and accept, allow them to provide my eyes pleasure and favour while I introspect, I know not their meanings to you, [...]

Poem: When Words Won’t Speak – 06/05/20

When words won’t speak,  colours do, vibrant splashes, moody shadows, emotive characters, abstract patterns.   When I cannot find the right letters, or when I simply stutter, I bring forth emotional therapy, brilliant shades bleeding with highlights or slices of calming, iridescent colour.    Sometimes nothing lyrical comes out,  and I’m left with a blank, [...]

Story example: “Would You Care For Some Ice Cream?” asked the Luminescent Bug – 29/07/19

The Luminescent Bug was very generous. “Would you care for some ice cream?” asked the Luminescent Bug. I looked at her offered hand, whilst her eyes implored, she seemed genuine, appeared not to be an oddity offering strangers treats, of this I was seemingly assured. But here she was, a bug with legs coming out [...]