poem: arm in arm – 21/03/22

Multifaceted and colours of the spectrum,
a man romantic,
with heart pounding
for his love, eternal,
to return to him again,
their binding shade,
deep violet,
wondrous spiritual shade.

they entered the world with floating stars
when she decided to calmly
leave this planet,
she was relaxed,
she knows her charms,
arm in arm he accompanied her,
then returned to a land, near not far.

Oh, how loyal he is to her,
it’s not just memories that keep her alive
his sentiment for her is so pure,
loving loving eternity
they will never come undone
here, nor the skies,

betwixt for forever, a future lifetime
still as One
they will always remain together
in heart, soul and mind,
truest aching love.

© 2022 Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose. All rights reserved.
Image by Jo-B from Pixabay


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