Story example: “Would You Care For Some Ice Cream?” asked the Luminescent Bug – 29/07/19

The Luminescent Bug was very generous.

“Would you care for some ice cream?” asked the Luminescent Bug. I looked at her offered hand, whilst her eyes implored, she seemed genuine, appeared not to be an oddity offering strangers treats, of this I was seemingly assured. But here she was, a bug with legs coming out of her segments in strange manners indeed, offering a multicoloured ice cream to apparently the first person she had seen. Little Old Me, why how I did enjoy ice cream, but I wasn’t so sure about accepting an offer from a buggy entity, although she did seem pretty at ease. If she were a danger, surely she would be giving herself away with negative body language, but in short, I was suspicious.

You try it first,” I said to her, providing an innocent smile. She shrugged at me, perhaps more to herself, and with a great, widened smile, flicked out her tongue at the ice cream, absorbing the sweet delicate taste explosion, shutting her eyes and delighting in it for a while. I watched her carefully, for any sign of poisoning or absorption, there was nothing, she was in the clear, in fact, she went back for another licking session. But by now I had had enough, I wanted some of that ice cream for myself, she’d had her share, it was now my turn to touch. To caress that waffle cone with gentle elegance, a lifting to the mouth, a due diligence, and a splattering into my face is what the ice cream would experience, a smooshing become, yum, yum, yum, thank you dear Luminescent Bug for giving me a turn.

Soon a hoard of ants suddenly appeared, began following me, they must be sniffing the cream remnants on my lips which hadn’t disappeared, which had been unintentionally saved. They would not be permitted, I was not after bull ant stings! Just because they wanted my lips’ meagre offerings.  This was all the fault of the Bug, I now realised, she was the one who lured me to shove the ice cream into my mouth, deep inside, and to have left small sticky parts across my lips, why the blame is upon she, and it is not remiss, where had she gone to hide?

I looked around wildly for the Bug, to blame, and blame, and yell at her, and with each turn and step I made, the stupid ants would be within my shadow despite my screaming at them which could be clearly heard. The Bug was quite obviously sneaky, she had planned and plotted this outcome, and with a sickening twist, there would be disciplining for her. She would be subjected to her little bull ant friends, they could converse with her, come to a diplomatic reasoning instead, instead of them biting her, or reaching for my lips, she could source out more ice cream and caused them all to be prettily pleased.

However, no matter how far and wide I called her name, with my unwanted group of bugs following me, along the dusty planes, I could not discover her, the ice cream criminal as she was now secretly known, we must discover her by the end of the day, and that we did, close to my home. She was digging into someone’s freezer for more ice cream, I am very sad to say. Not only had she set in place her plans upon an innocent person such as myself, she now felt the need to thieve the creamy goodness from somebody else, from them calculatedly take it away. It was a sad moment to view, but at least she had something to provide to the starving ants who’d come from far off to eat, over eat, and rest, then to no longer move.

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock, also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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