Poem: A Second Wave? – 27/06/20

The world is tense, while some are carefree,   double digits daily, this is gravely worrying.   Have we become too lax with social distancing?   Family gatherings with warm kisses and hugs, entering personal territory?   Outbreaks in differing neighbourhoods, participation in public protesting: some finger-point the blame,   as they fought for rights [...]

Poem: When Normalcy Returns – A COVID-19 Poem – 14/06/20

The shopping centres reflect ‘normalcy’, how shopping trips used to be,   no swerving or dodging, people now calmly walking, going about their business leisurely.   I see less face masks, less pairs of latex gloves, fewer irritated frowns,   the pace of shoppers is an amble, some a happy stroll, no harried eyes and [...]

Poem: Panic – 16/03/20

Panic mode, the shelves stripped bare, triumphant shoppers walk with their prized packets of eighteen toilet paper rolls, the luxurious purple Quilton brand.   We have already rushed from your home, with few moments to spare, the opening time has already occurred, there are barely any essential products there.   Hastily, you grab the items [...]