Poem: These Unknown Times – 26/03/20

In these unknown times,
where regulations reign to keep us safe,
we stay home,
we rest,
we recoup,
we pray to God that we will get through this biological affray.
Burrowed down in our blankets,
our eyes plastered to the laptop screens,
watching the news with great earnest, 
what is going on?
How will this eventuate?
What does this all mean?
How will we survive when daily our lives are at risk
and humankind is anything but unscathed? 
We await with apprehension
while some are blasé about the rules
they go out,
they socialise,
themselves they gather without guilt.
Selfish and ignorant are such types,
but what can we do?
We are right for staying in,
it is our method of isolation,
our following of instructions,
the immovable truth,
A means that surely will slow the rate down,
of the infection taking as many as it can,
to those undisciplined voyagers,
I sadly say, 
all the best to you,
for us all, protect yourselves and remain strong.
© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by Валерия Шарагина from Pixabay

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