Poem: When Normalcy Returns – A COVID-19 Poem – 14/06/20

The shopping centres
reflect ‘normalcy’,
how shopping trips
used to be,
no swerving or dodging,
people now calmly walking,
going about their
business leisurely.
I see less face masks,
less pairs of latex gloves,
fewer irritated frowns,
the pace of shoppers
is an amble,
some a happy stroll,
no harried eyes
and frightened demeanours
like during the restrictions of old.
I am so pleased that
things are returning
to normal,
COVID frightened,
caused panic,
and that’s seemed to recede,
we can go about
our business with
less fear,
even go to a restaurant,
sit down for a hearty meal!
Though there is
still a need to be cautious,
we’ve earned the right to
somewhat relax,
our heavy restrictions
stopped what could reflected
other nations' 
extensive, terrifying outbreaks, 
our swift shut down
controlled COVID’s potential mass spread.
Now with numbers
reflecting mostly containment,
we can cherish our
newfound freedom,
gratitude shining
in our eyes,
our confidence in being outside
has been building.
Ever thankful,
ever gracious,
a simple shopping trip
has opened my eyes,
we live in a land so blessed,
I hope we understand this,
I hope we realise.
© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

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