Prose: Celestial Beings – 30/03/21

I wonder where we go as we sleep; I wonder where we travel within our dreams. Do we rise from our consciousness, into the cluster of the atmosphere, smiling, giggling, intertwining? I understand that some won’t dream, while others are cloaked with an ailment of not being able to see, while others are afforded the opportunity of recollection; they remember their dreams. Their moments of deep introspection. 

Poem: Morning Chatter – 29/01/21

I’m all out of cares and concerns, leave behind the airs and trials, there is no haughtiness or sinister circumstances, view the alterations for miles. Those dreams which haunted the mind but only last night, are they pointing to, are they signalling signs? Obscure and strange, but there, in existence, to be analysed within the times? [...]