Poem and Drawing: “Onward, loyal steed!” Henry the Toy Horse’s Flight – 02/08/19

It was one of Henry’s dreams to fly.

“Onward and upward, loyal steed!” cried the rounded grey bat, dangling tasty cherries before the face of his best friend, Henry the Toy Horse, his plan to rise was just that.

Henry did not have wings like the bat, but that didn’t stop his dream,

He and Grey Bat were best friends and he wanted to rise like Grey Bat could, easily and fearlessly, just like him, Henry prayed and wished he could.

Would the world part its textile tapestry reality and allow him to perform this flight, no matter how impossible it seemed, into the day and into the nights?

The cherries encouraged him, oh, how they were both so sour and sticky sweet,

With Grey Bat riding atop his back, flying upwards, he was required to rise some more with telepathic measures.

What are telepathic measures, may you ask? It is when Henry would become linked with the mind of Grey Bat and be able to practice his activities and thoughts and special psychic powers.

Therefore, if Grey Bat could fly, hypothetically could he, all he needed was to learn the mental weavings and knowledge available and able to be obtained so freely.

“Come on, Henry, you can do this!” encouraged Grey Bat relentlessly. “Come on, rise up and above, make the most of this!”

And with Henry’s head steaming, his mind trembling, an exterior of outwardly exacerbated internal thinking,

He exhaled ever so deeply and then with some visual imagery, two feet off the ground he slowly rose, what a triumphant victory!

Grey Bat whooped and hollered for many following days, as they rose and fell into the air as though of flying technique they knew it all, always.

For what a great victory that was to be had, the telepathic measures proved so fresh and rad, perhaps they were the only beings in the land to use such a forthcoming measure, of pertinent knowledge to be shared.

And fly and fly all the days and into the nights they did, for many years, then they introduced their growing families.

All of Henry’s horsey sons and daughters were able to take flight, and how proud their Godfather Grey Bat was to see this, it was so pleasantly nice.

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock, also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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