Poem: Not Worth The Upsets – 21/09/21

Deliver me from the evils that await at the hands of certain beings, an understanding that what they project in life is the pain they’ve already been suffering, or a notion that the signs they exhibit are the nastiness wrought within their souls, perhaps they’ve been hurt already, perhaps they just have a cruel heart, perhaps we won’t know at all. [...]

Poem: Breathe Freely – 04/09/21

I woke up today with this feeling improvements are coming my way. I roused today with the knowledge amid the blustering breeze gritty cares will be transported away. I am aware now that I am stronger, as I grow, irreverent words pool, tide carries them to sand and soil, away, angelic beats of beauties in expiring melted snow heralding a new era, trumpets to ears; nothing much left to say, but, I was forthcoming, I severed a tie, temporarily it must be, unless truth, future and beauty cause the past to decay, and a lifelong extension may be necessary in order for me to freely breathe.

Poem: The Ribbon-Twirling Dancing Dolly – 06/10/19

She joyously twirls bright ribbons yet feels dead inside, With a knowledge that what was once there, Fresh-faced, bright, youthful, still alive, Is now broken, irreparable, Scattered in pieces upon the stage, An urban pavement, Nothing to show for the destruction, No sense of inner pride or holding her head up high.   Her dolly-brightness [...]