Poem: Particular Reason – 11/09/21

Are you caught in the past,
or occupied in the future?
One needs to exist in the present moment,
become your personal teacher,
for in this state of being you will learn
something inherently deeper
than the quiet understanding already grasped;
one needs not their own preacher.

Existing as an individual,
not one of a pair, simple two,
becoming stronger with every moment,
wiping away past assertions of “truth”,
for this notion, this validity you are searching for,
tell yourself there’s more to life
than being attached, feeling gleans,
independence is what should be seen,
mutual connection perhaps a future must,
irreverent, irreverent light streams.

But trust is the catalysis that makes this
formula relevant,
what exceptions should there be to behold
should irrelevancies be logged,
shown, told,
let us not acknowledge the voice of a particular reason,
there is momentum in the smoking gun,
of amazingly righteous treason.

Perhaps personal betrayal means nothing to them.
Let us relish the inevitable dealing of karmic retribution.

Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
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