Poem: Blessed Scene – 10/09/21

The garden’s greenery embraces me,
wonder seen, euphoria breathed,
chest heaving, visions to believe in,
bountiful Earth entities, flickering leaves, reaching twigs,
encroaching branches,
to my life, they have been given.

I marvel at the sights all around,
the gentle wisp of accompanying windy sounds,
the soft gusts here and there
which spread subtle fragrance in the air,
it is without a care that I exist in this land,
sitting in my stained oak outside chair,
and wondering to myself,
what did I do to deserve this,
sights and sounds,
perfection everywhere?

The twittering of distant birds,
and soft automobile travels,
off for a lark?
Unlikely, in this world climate,
but still we live to have a laugh,
or at least smile, appreciating Nature’s
work of art,
knowingly or unknowingly,
I will continue to exist within this breeze
of intent,
goddess or gods’ efforts well spent,
as they bluster now,
heavier, more breeze,
but effervescent, it’s as though bubbles of brightness
are purposeful, here, and well-meant.

I relax back now,
adoring the visions some more,
brightness shines in my eyes,
greenery and hues of natural rainbows,
even artificial hues do not bore,
colour schemes and blustering trees,
whistling, wonder what’s transported in spirit
between those leaves?
Blessed am I indeed
to have this scene all for me.

Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
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  1. This is just spectacular, my dear friend!!! It’s so peaceful, soothing and serene to read. And the magical imagery paints such a vivid picture! Incredibly well done, Lauren! Your pieces always amaze me 🖤✨🤗

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