Prose: Shall I Stifle my Songs? – 01/06/21

It would be wise, it would be prudent, to give up the nuisances, to cast away the cruel injustice, and travel elsewhere, where they know us. For now, my words bear less ‘zing’, overworked, overwrought, haphazard it is to over-sing, it seems. I can speak of experiences; growth, positivity, liveliness, but without a visible, solid base, how will my truths be known? How can they direct, morals and lessons intersect, when no one is here to witness what’s been asserted, what has been said? [...]

Poem: Construction Site – 16/09/20

Your world will feel like a construction site, workers wandering the areas with intent, lifting, hauling, attaching, installing, ensuring that progress is made, this is why they’ve been sent. They are making certain that changes are timely, are attractive, and according to the plans for the one who is paying, and you, you, my friend, [...]