Prose: Shall I Stifle my Songs? – 01/06/21

It would be wise, it would be prudent, to give up the nuisances, to cast away the cruel injustice, and travel elsewhere, where they know us. For now, my words bear less ‘zing’, overworked, overwrought, haphazard it is to over-sing, it seems. I can speak of experiences; growth, positivity, liveliness, but without a visible, solid base, how will my truths be known? How can they direct, morals and lessons intersect, when no one is here to witness what’s been asserted, what has been said?

Trust me; I walked on the other side of life, what you see now, pretty petunias and roses, barren land before, they would never grow. Despair, anger, frustration, hatred, they were the currencies of life in which I coped, how I stagnated, the manners of living I breathed and for a long time, I remained without hope.

No point detailing any further, little point into going into specifics, this is enough to know that I’ve made some great changes. These things never happen overnight – indeed, it’s like watching a hatchling every day, if there’s a break between each stage, it’s obvious to one’s eyes the vast developmental change.

I sing a certain song now, I warble newer tunes, I’m much happier, I feel this in my being, to the full. Of course, occasionally, I yearn for some things, but Life’s not perfect, and distractions keep the mind busy. The scent of those luscious flowers, why, one might say, my life is pushing roses, so much more joy must be on its way.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Polina Kovaleva from Pexels

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