Poem: Gnawing Nails – 22/06/20

Fingernails ache from gnawing, desperately famished things are they,   ever-searching, ever-hunting, for fresh flesh to drag into – carefully they will take aim.   These nails are not discerning, they take, rip apart, any creature that they can,   fury, famine, circumstances, alleviating hunger, annihilating the need for Man.   Man used to feed [...]

Poem: An Embrace After Tea – 23/05/20

Warm sentiments expressed, heartfelt touches extended, the joy within almost palpable, understanding we are blessed.   The other sits opposite, a smile within their eyes, warm glints to be absorbed, and I wonder, is this what I’ve been searching for in my life?   A nuance here and there, in softly spoken words, uttered in [...]

Poem: Bright Lights – 20/04/20

Neon lights flash, they blind me, the resultant spots in my vision, they appear, they annoyingly swim.   I rub my glassy eyes softly, then harder to rid them of the itching glare, I do not understand their mission.   Why did I seek this vision, this stirring sight that promised exultation, the monumental awareness [...]

Poem: A Hasty Exit – 05/01/20

There is the crashing of a chair’s lost footing prior to your return, you don’t hear the commotion, you have simply left to relieve yourself of ailments known as niggling thoughts.   Everything, as always, had been going swimmingly, until you reached for her hand, pressed it to your face with longing.   You fondled [...]