fiction, please: the thirteenth hour – excerpt – 01/01/21

The television show blares to life. I cannot watch anymore; the irreverence is bugging me, sending my mind into strife. I watch the little lady mouth away and curl into a ball, is it all for show? No, no no.

Her dear counterpart sits by her bedside, interrupting with ease whilst she tries to compose herself tap tapping the keys. The rhythmic data of his worded snipers are dot dot dotting the area at large and then he clasps his hands together shakes his head and sighs, gives her a smile and says, “Darling, please don’t whine…” She glares at him, insidiously, fire raging within her orbs. He clasps his hands together once more, he is confused by her delirium, perhaps she is just…. bored? Is she playing a game? Is she waltzing without a name? Is she bee-drilling just the same? Oh, darling, what’s in a name? These people think they can irreverently tame, kill, main, but the truth of the matter is, she is at one with peace, she is Spirituality, she is beauty and reverence, she is Lauren Maree,. Control Save.

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