Poem: Eclipsed – 30/08/20

You eclipsed yourself onto my heart,
etched yourself amongst Sun and stars,
a silhouette of burnished red and brown,
a luminescent glow of you all around.
Your pattern, your shape,
my mind recalls,
the beauty of your face,
your expression,
I’m in thrall,
and I remember the smiles we shared,
so many days and nights together,
I am basking in the memory of your glow,
ghostly light upon me thrown,
alabaster shine upon us both.
Hand in hand,
you took me into your view,
fingertips laced together,
we shone, reflections of youth,
and together we created an energy unseen
by the lower land,
eclipsing my heart as you
tightly grasped my hand.
What will happen, dear,
when we must part?
The irreconcilable moment when
hand leaves hand,
and hearts extract entwined valves
from each other,
for one must depart.
I know this time will come and to it,
I revolt, as I say,
I wish I could stay in your presence,
please don’t desert me,
please remain.
I cannot do this on my own,
I imagine myself sadly call,
I’ll gaze into your light,
continue to further fall, 
fall further, and fall into the night.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash


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    1. It’s a tough one Shruba. I found after many failings with people that the greatest sense of belonging with tasks I was fully vested in. When people of like mind appeared, conversation was natural. Only in rare wandering occurances did I meet the open minded ones who could chat. I did learn the more I grew and understand, the less I met them and instead became one.

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      1. Hi Michael, I’m not sure I quite understand what you were trying to get at. I agree open-minded or like-minded people are few and when we meet someone like that, the conversation flows effortlessly.

        My previous comment was in the tone of a lament, that our need to belong to someone and to rely on another is often self-consuming, it may be understandable but it’s unhealthy. One cannot depend on someone outside of themselves to complete them or make them happy, it is what one discovers within oneself. It was in keeing with the title of the poem too, “eclipsed” ties up closely to consumed. But we all fall into that trap, and it’s perhaps only humane. Hence, the lament. I hope this makes my comment more lucid. ☺☺

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        1. Thanks for your explanation, Shruba, your former comment/lament now makes sense to me. It is certainly a trap and is all consuming that we can fall into and for someone completely at the loss of ourselves. And the pieces to be picked up when or if they leave can be many.

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